Inspired by real events.


In the dying days of apartheid, a corrupt Government Minister, FJ NOLTE, paid for young girls to be abducted by infamous pedophile GERT DE JAGER. The girls were sold to Iranian Sheiks in exchange for oil to bypass sanctions. FJ used some girls until they were passed back to Gert to be sold into low class brothels.


One girl, NTOMBI BAPAI, survived this ordeal, educated herself and left as soon as she was able. Once qualified as a forensic detective she had one goal in mind; to find and kill the men who abused her and stop them. Our protagonist is JODIE SNYMAN, a tough but emotional special unit Investigating Officer, leading the charge into child trafficking syndicates.


After the dead body of a known pedophile, shows up with letters carved into his abdomen, Jodie suspects it is linked to the well known abductions by Gert de Jager. As more bodies start showing up, allowing Jodie to make inroads into the syndicate, she is torn between finding the killer or letting them do her job for her. She discovers that the killer is almost certainly Ntombi, a woman with whom she shares an intimate relationship, and must decide if she should confront her or not. After a botched raid Jodie's job is at risk and she comes under pressure to give up her friend who has gone rogue in her destructive need to seek retributive justice.


i am All Girls is an intense thriller, centered around the relationship between Jodie and Ntombi, both intent on making a difference in the world in their own way



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